What is Lucha?

This is Lucha! Lucha Underground gets its name from Lucha Libre – the famous Mexican wrestling style. Lucha Libre usually pays more attention to the technical approach of wrestling than WWE or TNA or Sports Entertainment in general. The most famous Lucha Libre promotion is AAA (Asistencia Asesoría y Administración) which is also the mother company to Lucha Underground.

Some of the signatures of many Lucha Libre wrestlers are the masks that many of the luchadores (wrestlers) wear. Those masks add a lot of mystique to the wrestlers. This mystique usually gets reinforced by a very captivating background story. Most Lucha Libre fights follow the classical approach of good vs. bad or Superhero vs. Supervillain.

The second part of the name of Lucha Underground, Underground obviously refers to the scene in which this kind of lucha fight takes place. It’s not in the highlands of Mexico but in the underground of Los Angeles. Boyle Heights to be precise. The fights take place in the so called “Temple“, a venue owned by Dario Cueto, the owner of Lucha Underground.