Ultimo Lucha 2015 – Part 1 [review]

Hola Believers! Let’s get right to it! Ultimo Lucha kicked off this week! So! Riiinnng theee bellllll!

Black Lotus!

This episode started with Black Lotus training in her cell. Dario Cueto then talks to her and tells her that it wasn’t Matanza who killed her parents but that it was Dragon Azteca himself who then just framed Matanza. Cueto said the truth hurts but will also set you free. Black Lotus then continued punching the shit out of her cell wall.

I still think she’s hot as hell. Call me, maybe?

Falls count anywhere match. Cage vs. The Mack

Those two hate each other and it showed from the very beginning. Cage attacked Mack on the way to the ring. From the very beginning they put out all the stops. The jumped through a breaking a door, did some brawling on the floor, used 2×4’s, a stop sign, and even a glass bottle was used and then, to make things even hotter, Mack hit Cage with a cooler of beer. This led to Mack drinking beers and hitting a stunner (and the fingers) on Cage. Matt Striker on commentary did his best JR impression which I really appreciated. STUNNER STUNNER STUNNER. OH MY GAWD. THAT MAN HAS A FAMILY! And NOBODY KICKS OUT OF A STUNNER! The crowd was red hot and chanting ‘this is awesome’ from the very beginning. Same over here in front of the screen. And I don’t even like those two luchadores much. Later on we saw a big Liger bomb from the ropes, through a table, onto the floor! Read that again!  They then took it onto the top of Cueto’s office where, eventually, Cage would finish Mack off. How? By hitting his head through a cinderblock!

Winner: Cage. Grade: A – awesome start, awesome pace, awesome intensity. STUNNER! Great start into Ultimo Lucha!

Lucha Underground Trios Title Match: Champions Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico vs. The Disciples of Death (Barrio Negro, El Siniestro de la Muerte and Terce) w/Catrina

It’s time for some insanity! Yeah! We haven’t seen the trio in action in a while and Ivelisse still is injured and has a cast on her leg and has to use crutches. The disciples couldn’t care less and went right at it. This basically made it a 4 on 2 situation. Since no tags were needed in this stipulation (Tornado style match) the disciples always seemed to play the numbers game well. Angelico and Havoc tried to stay in the match by putting on one dive after the other but the DOD always seemed to have the right answer. They even took the brawl out to the stands. And then this happend.

Yes. Angelico. Again. When you think it can’t get crazier, he does it again. Holy Shit! He was then laid out bleeding and Catrina and Ivelisse brawled a bit in the ring. Catrina then hit Ivelisse with the stone to the head and the DOD took her down and went for the pinfall.

Winners: DOD – Grade: B – good match again by the Trio and an insane spot by Angelico. Quite short match though and a bit of a disappointing end since it felt a bit too easy. I would have liked to see more intensity like we had it in prior matches of the trio. Nevertheless hoping to see more of them in the next season.

Believer’s Backlash Match: Drago vs. Hernandez

Ever since Drago came back to Lucha Underground Hernandez had issues with him. This match now should be the end of their feud. I don’t necessarily like both of them but they did a good job here and Hernandez is quite entertaining as arrogant asshole. The match was quite fun and the believers around the ring (equipped with leather straps) did a good job in showing support for Drago (and not hitting him) but taking it all to Hernandez. In the beginning they somehow tried to introduce the believers that surrounded the ring. Not quite sure why. Famous bloggers or whatever? That felt a bit awkward. Afterwards, every time they took it to Hernandez it was a mix between being funny and strange. Drago at the end even came out with Nunchucks. WTF? That’s when I was starting to root for Hernandez.

It was a fun match and went back and forth and Hernandez interacted nicely with the crowd that hates him so much. He even took away some leather straps from the believers and was hiding under the ring for a while. In the end the Nunchucks and splash through a table were to much for him so that Drago had his happy ending.

Winner: Drago – Grade B: Entertaining. Yes. Funny. Yes. Main event. Not sure. 

More next week! Can’t wait for the culmination of Ultimo Luchaaaa!