Ultima Lucha Dos – Part II [review]

Hola Believers! Its’ time for Ultima Lucha Dos. Melissa, take it away!

Gift of the Gods Title Match: Night Claw vs. Daga vs. Killshot vs. Marty the Moth vs. Sexy Star vs. Mariposa vs. Siniestro de la Muerta

Elimination rules rumble to kick off today’s show. First everybody who got issues went at each other. Killshot after The Moth, Sexy after Mariposa. Kobra Moon was ringside to stalk on Daga. Night Claw and Daga showed some cool moves in the beginning. Night Claw even eliminated Siniestro de la Muerte at the early goings. They both continued to show some high flying spots. Lots of stuff happening outside the ring. Mariposa and Sexy spent lots of time punishing each other. Killshot then got some nice moves in and then it got back to Daga who, after a nice showing, got eliminated after 10 minute’ish. Killshot and Marty then went at each other with night claw getting some more offensive moves in before Killshot was able to eliminate him. So it came down to Mariposa, The Moth, Killshot and Sexy Star. It looked a bit more like a Tag Team battle for a few minutes since sides were obvious. Killshot and Sexy showed some cool combinations but the weirdos came back and were able to double pin Killshot. It all looked like they would take home the win but sexy, of course, prevailed and eliminated Mariposa and shortly after submitted the Moth to take home the victory and the gift of the gods championship.

Winner: Sexy Star, Grade: ***

Joey Ryan and Castro set up Cisco with wires, Cisco seems to be VERY scared though to get dirt on Cueto.

Death Match: Mil Muertes w/Catrina vs. King Cuerno

It started with a big brawl since they hated it each other which they showed from the get go. Muertes tried to use his power but Cuerno always cut him using is agility. He even showed is insane suicide dive quite early in the match. But the Muertes blocked the second attempt and then tossed Cuerno to the floor and into the chairs. They then brawled all over the arena. Even up there where the band plays. After Muertes threw Cuerno down he set up a table and beat Cuerno with a ladder. Eventually Cuerno came back and sent Muertos with a RANA from the top down the floor. They then kept brawling up and down the steps. To the office, through the windows, back and forth. When Cuerno had the upper hand he made the mistake of putting hands on Catrina. That’s when Muertes lost it and speared Cuerno through a table. He then powerbombed Cuerno through a table, through another, through another…rolled him into the ring and then hit him with a crowbar to the head of the ropes. Followed by a tombstone. That’s why it’s called Death Match.

Winner: Mil Muertes, Grading: ***1/2 – Good one, not as good as the one with Fenix though.

We see a video package of the past with Pentagon Jr. Matt asks Vampiro what he thinks about his student, Vampiro throws away his medicine and says he has to leave to prepare his student.

Cut to Dario’s office. Cisco acts weird, Dario figures something is wrong. He dared the police to come and get him and then used the red bull (haha!) statue from his desk to bloody kill Cisco. He then used his red ROTARY (!!!) phone saying ‘it’s time’. I doubt he called Batman. We’ll see!