Ultima Lucha Dos – Final Part (Part III)

Hola Believers! Time for the final review of this season’s Ultima Lucha! Here we go!

As per usual we start with a dope video package that shows us what happened this season.

Then we see Pentagon talking with Vamp about tonight’s match. Vamp says he is not ready yet and has to go to a place where he can get rid of all of his fears. Pentagon goes into a cave where he has to fight lots of Phantom Luchadores that look like him. They then battle and afterwards Vampiro tells him, that he is ready and needs to go to an even darker place to get rid of the rest of the light that is left.


Trios Title Match: Champions Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans and PJ Black vs. Drago, Fenix and Aerostar:

The champs start as expected. Mundo opens with a poke to the eye of Fenix. The pace then increased and lots of tags and moves have been shown. The ref tries to bring order back to the ring which, of course, is used by the rudos to double team on Fenix. Eventually the good guys were able to fight back and deliver some nice moves like destroyer off the ropes to Mundo. Aerostar dove of Fenix shoulders to the floor to crash the bad guys and Fenix then hit a splash onto Mundo for the near fall. Mundo came back but Drago and Fenix teamed up (WTF?) to double pin Mundo. Evans however pulled the ref out. Fenix and Aerostar continued to beat Mundo down. Eventually Mundo would hit a low blow and PJ Black would bring in the titles to use them as weapons. They even played air guitar with the title belts. Awesome assholes. They then would toss the ref back in but Fenix kicked out at 2.5. Just when they wanted to lay a final beating to Fenix Angelico came out and attacked Mundo with his crutches. This allowed Fenix to hit the sitout tombstone and secure the w!

Winners and new champions: Aerostar, Drago, Fenix. Grade: ***

Black Lotus vs. Dragon Azteca Jr.

Finally we see Black Lotus in the ring! Azteca misses his first dropkick so Lotus gets into offensive mode. Tbh her moves seemed a bit stiff and not that smooth. But still nice to final see her in action. She took a few great bumps and also tried to show some high impact moves. When Azteca was about to go up top Pentagon arrived and beat both of them down and broke both arms. That was a bit annoying since it didn’t do anything for this particular storyline.

For Pentagon in was good though. He doesn’t give any fucks and just does what he wants. And he’s darker now. Pentagon DARK. (stupid name! don’t tell him though).

He then cuts a promo saying he waited so long and last year he beat his master in this very ring and now he’s ready to beat the monster. After the commercial, Pentagon Dark said that last year he beat his master in this ring and now he’s ready to beat the Monster!

Lucha Underground Title Match: Champion The Monster Matanza Cueto w/Dario Cueto vs. Pentagon Dark

WEIRD match! From the get go Pentagon DOMINATES Matanza and tosses him around and just makes him his bitch. For around 7-8 minutes. He uses a lot of stuff like cables and chairs and continues beating the monster down. He set up a chair in the corner but Matanza was able to reverse it and slam Pentagon through it. That didn’t really stop Pentagon though. Even after Matanza hit some quick offensive moves Pentagon was back in power and kept laying the monster down. Eventually Vampiro would hand a barbwire bat to Pentagon. Dario ran in to save Matanza, Pentagon laid down Dario and wanted to break his arm which gave Matanza enough time to hit the Wrath of the Gods on Pentagon and win the match.

The crowd was disappointed, so was I. Not necessarily because Pentagon lost (but damn it!) but more about the how it ended. WTF.

Winner: Matanza, Grade: *** – still a good match, could have been awesome though.


Vamp then checked on Pentagon but Pentagon DARK (stupid name) didn’t want to know anything of it and pushed Vampiro away.

Taya vs. Ivelisse

Ivelisse wanted to show from the beginning who the baddest bitch in the building is. She got on the offense right away and showed some nice moves but Taya was able to counter and even hit a DDT onto a chair at one point. But Ivelisse fought back and they went into the crowd and showed some high intense moves and brawling there. The fought onto the steps and then tumbled to the floor. Once back in the ring Ivelisse was in control and hit a German suplex. She then went for the sunset flip bomb as the lights went out…and once they were back on…Catrina was in the ring. Barbie crusher on Ivelisse, lights out and on again and Catrina was gone. Suplex and double stomp from Taya to Ivelisse and that was that.

Winner: Taya, Rating: *** – again a good match with a stupid finish. Sure it makes sense for the storyline but come on, can’t we have one clean finish tonight?

After the match Catrina came back into the ring and gave the lick of death to Ivelisse.

Prince Puma vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Shake of hands and off we went. Lots of back and forth. Of course. Rey was good but wasn’t able to shin since Puma was always a step ahead. Rey, after a while of Puma’s offensive spectacle, was able to show some moves by himself but Puma was always able to counter them. Rey always played the smart cards and didn’t wasted to much power as they went into a pretty dope series of counters. Rey would then hit a tornado DDT for a near fall but Puma was able to show his enormous strength advantage and caught a RANA and worked it into a northern light suplex and then into a deadlift suplex. WOAH. They then went up top and RM showed a reverse RANA into the pin for two. Puma then countered with a lumbar check and a blue thunder bomb for one more near fall. Puma then even countered the 619 and showed one by himself! 450 and….kick out at twoooooo! Puma stayed on the offense and had Rey again flat on the mat when he went up for the 630. He looked down, shrugged briefly (similar to Shawn Michaels’ “I’m sorry, I love you” moment with Rick Flair) and then….missed the 630! Rey ten hit the RANA into the pinning combo for a near fall. Rey then was able to stay on the offense, showed another 619 but Puma caught it. Rey countered a tombstone attempt though and spiked puma on his head Then finally the 619 connects, springboard into RANA and a cradle for the win!

Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr, Grade: **** – Great Match! I would have loved to see Puma win obviously but the match was great and Rey actually held his own. I don’t know if I ever saw him move like this in WWE.

They then embraced each other and Rey told Puma that this are his people and left.

Striker and Vampiro were about to send us home when Pentagon Dark arrived and beat the shit out of Vampiro. A nice superkick laid also Striker out and then back to Vampiro. He used the barbwire bat against him until he was bleeding all over his face. He sent him into the ring, beat him further down and actually licked of his blood. Sick bastard! This probably just got started.

In the last shot we see Police arresting Dario. As the van drives away El Jefe looks up and smiles….to be continued….