Lucha Underground 11/26/14

This week’s Lucha Underground started with, of course, with a brief recap of last week (Drago defeating King Cuerno, Chavo’s actions, Johnny Mundo’s vengance, the attack of Cortez & Cisco). Then, forward to the actual episode. We see Konnan talking to Dario Cuerto. Explaining that Prince Puma was super pissed because of the attacks last week. Hence he wants payback […]

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What is Lucha?

This is Lucha! Lucha Underground gets its name from Lucha Libre – the famous Mexican wrestling style. Lucha Libre usually pays more attention to the technical approach of wrestling than WWE or TNA or Sports Entertainment in general. The most famous Lucha Libre promotion is AAA (Asistencia Asesoría y Administración) which is also the mother company to Lucha Underground. Some […]

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