The return of The Mack. Vs. Johnny Mundo – Lucha Underground is back!

lucha underground the mack johnny mundo

Yes yes yes! Oh no: Si! Si! Si! Lucha Underground is back to make Wrestling Great Again! #MWGA Click To Tweet Finally we can stop rewatching old episodes on Netflix and start watching new stuff again. Vamos!

The return episode only features one match and it’s for the Lucha Underground champiooooonshiiiiip. So……riiiiing the beeellllll!

Lucha Underground Championship All Night Long Match: Johnny Mundo (c) vs. The Mack

The last all night long match over here at LU also saw Johnny Mundo in it when he came short in defeating Prince Puma. It was, I think, one of the best matches we’ve ever seen in Lucha Underground and that says something. So no pressure, but…the pressure is on.

The match started with Mundo using his agility while also making fun of the Mack’s weight. Mundo owned the Mack in the early stages and took the first pinfall rather early on via End of the World after around 5 minutes in. Later on Mundo even went to 2-0 via using the ropes for leverages in order to pin Mack again. That led to Mack getting furious and switching it up a notch. He went wild on Mundo and manhandled him until he finished him off with a hard power bomb to gain his first pinfall (2-1 Mundo). Mundo then faked an injury and had officials check on him. When Mack turned his back, Mundo attacked with a low blow, followed up with a DDT and took the 3-1 lead. He then tried to run away so the time would run out but Mack followed him and beat him up the stairs and then actually tied him to a stretcher and shoved him down the stairs of the temple. Back up in the ring, stunner to Mundo and Mack scored the 2-3.

Mundo then tried to run more and PJ Black even came to help him by distracting Mack and giving Mundo some advantage. Luckily for Mack Son Of Havoc then came to his aid and took on Mundo and Black with Kendosticks in hand. He then knocked on Dario’s office and asked for beer. He spilled it over the Mack which revitalized the Mack to huge pop by the audience. However Mundo and Black survived the fury and turned things around again. Mundo then asked the band to play a victory song when Sexy Star came flying from the band stand and took down Mundo and Black. Mack then was able to pick up Mundo and showed a piledriver through (!) a table outside the ring.

Mack now was tied and looked to finish Mundo of completely in what was a very hectic but fun final sprint. Ricky Mandel came out to help Mundo but Sexy Star and Havoc took him out. Eventually Mack hit a huge frog splash from the ladder through tables onto Johnny, crawled over Johnny to pin him but the time ran out when the ref hit the 2 count.

This means Johnny retains!

At the end, however, Dario Cueto came out and said there won’t be any draws in his temple and that we will have a final winner….next week! First one to gain a pinfall wins it all.

Fun return of Lucha Underground even though we only saw one match. That match though was pretty dope and, as so many times, way ahead of anything we see on Raw or SDLive at the moment.

Rating: ***3/4