Learn Spanish with Lucha Underground: Chavo Guerrero

chavo guerrero

Today our guest lecturer is nobody else than 3rd generation wrestling superstar Chavo Guerro Jr. Chavo teaches us a very important word for life in Spanish speaking countries. After having taken out Sexy Star via a chair shot to the head every time he enters the ring you can hear the crow chanting: culero! culero! culero! (check the video here) […]

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Learn Spanish with Lucha Underground: Mil Muertes

This week our Spanish guest lecturer is Mil Muertes. As we already learned his name means “A Thousand Deaths” where Mil = thousand & Muertes = deaths. Now let’s check what we always hear when he comes to the ring. Yes, that’s a cool introduction, isn’t it? From Beyond The Grave. In Spanish that is ‘más allá de la tumba” What […]

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Lucha Underground 11/26/14

This week’s Lucha Underground started with, of course, with a brief recap of last week (Drago defeating King Cuerno, Chavo’s actions, Johnny Mundo’s vengance, the attack of Cortez & Cisco). Then, forward to the actual episode. We see Konnan talking to Dario Cuerto. Explaining that Prince Puma was super pissed because of the attacks last week. Hence he wants payback […]

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