Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha – Part 2 [review]

Hola believers! After an amazing start into Ultimo Lucha last week we’re back for a two hour final episode of the best wrestling promotion on TV. Ready? Let’s rrrrriiiinggg the beeelllll!

Rowdy Roddy Piper

Before we start we see that this episodes is dedicate to “The original Rudo – Rowdy Roddy Piper”. Nice gesture!

Michael Schiavello

Since Vampiro can’t be on commentary tonight (he’s got this little fight with Pentagon coming up) we see famous combat sports announcer Michael Schiavello next to Matt Striker which turned out to be a great combo! Schiavello brought lots of energy to the table!

Alberto El Patron vs. Johnny Mundo

What a way to start the night! We don’t need filler matches here. We start with the heavy weights. Both men hate each other and that showed from the very beginning. El Patron tried to get in control and Johnny Mundo was the cowardly heel who ran away. He even hid underneath the ring a few times and threw some dirt and dust into El Patron’s eyes to gain control. He really owns that heel role by now. The start was slow but intense but as the match went on the pace increases. The crowd was hot from the very beginning cheering for El Patron (si si si!) and booing the rudo, Johnny Mundo. When things heated up El Patron tried to focus more on Johnny Mundo’s arm to set up the arm bar. It took quite a while for El Patron to being able to use it but when he did Johnny Mundo somehow managed to make it to the ropes. Patron tried to stay in  charge but when he tried to superkick Mundo Mundo tossed the ref in El Patron’s way so the ref was out. El Patron then applied the cross arm breaker again, Mundo tapped, but the ref was out and couldn’t see it. Then Melina, long time accomplice of Mundo, made her debut at Lucha Underground, took Alberto out with the AAA title and gave Mundo the chance to hit El Fin de Mundo and take home the win. Afterwards Mundo and Melina made out in the middle of the ring until El Patron came back and laid Mundo out. He kicked his ass all over the arena and eventually through him through a window of his own. Mundo was bleeding like a pig. ECW fans would’ve been happy. Not for the last time today.

Winner: Johnny Mundo, Grade: A – those two have an amazing chemistry and know exactly how to tell a story. It’s great to see both of them together at a place where they are allowed to shine. And Mundo as rudo, works!

Oh and special mention to the announce table: Quality work! Got used all the time but simply doesn’t break. Totally un-spanish.

Dragon Azteca & Black Lotus

El Dragon Azteca arrives at the temple to rescue Black Lotus. Dario Cueto was waiting for him and tells him he broke an old treaty by entering the temple and the only punishment for this is death. Azteca steps one step back and Lotus attacks him from behind. She chokes him and then delivers The Death Strike to Azteca. Cueto then releases her and tells her that she just started a war and only he can protect her. Then he releases Matanza and states they have to go to a ‘new temple’.

Cero Miedo Match: Pentagon Jr. vs. Vampiro

As you might have read before I didn’t really like the idea of Vampiro going back into the ring. The promos however have been great and the crowd in the temple just goes nuts for Vampiro. It’s insane. Vampiro pulls off an incredible outfit. Kinda like the pope on drugs. Cero Miedo stands for no fear in this case and that ‘everything goes’. ECW re-loaded. I can basically imagine Mick Foley smiling.

The match started as expected. Pentagon (today in white) didn’t wait for the bell and attacked Vampiro from the get go with a chair. The brawl went outside quite quickly and Pentagon removed the protective mats outside and threw Vampiro onto the concrete. He then hit him with more chairs and choked him out with a cable. The ref tried to stop the match and they moved Vampiro out on a stretcher but he returned, unwilling to stop the match. Vampiro introduced thumbtacks to the ring, missed a moonsault on Pentagon and then got hit by a light tube. That’s when blood came to sight for the first time. Pentagon then even licked off some of Vampiros blood from his arm. Vampiro got slower and slower but he didn’t stop fighting and also hit Pentagon with a light tube making him bleed too. Pentagon’s mask was completely destroyed and blood was everywhere. Kinda funny to see how slow Vampiro moves but the crowd didn’t stop rooting for him. Vampiro would introduce a table and because that’s not enough set it on fire. Before he could turn to Pentagon (since he moves in slow motion) Pentagon put Vampiro through the burning table and scored the pinfall after Vampiro stopped burning. Afterwards Vampiro then demanded that Pentagon would break his arm what Pentagon then did. Now that the sacrifice was given Pentagon called upon his Master.  Vampiro then revealed that he was Pentagon’s Master and that Pentagon now is ready. 

Winner: Pentagon Jr, Grade: B – It was a brutal match with some really nice old-school hardcore spots (and fuck, Vampiro with a moonsault!) – what happened after the match though was a bit too much. Vampiro being the master. One thing. But the ‘you’re ready my son’ blah blah. That’s a bit tooooo much, even for LU. But that is complaining on a very high level.

cero miedo lucha underground

Gift of the Gods Match: Big Ryck vs. Aerostar vs. Bengala vs. King Cuerno vs. Sexy Star vs. Jack Evans vs. Fenix 

Everyone besides Big Ryck (he got it handed) won an Aztec Medallion that allowed them to enter the match The winner of thee Gift of the Gods title will receive a special belt that will get them a title match. It’s not like MITB though, as they have to give Dario Cueto at least one week to promote the title match.

In the beginning Big Ryck dominated and cleared the ring but everyone then ganged up on him also took him down. Then things got wild and when action spilled everywhere we saw this:

All of a sudden we also saw Marty the Moth in the ring. That dude really becomes annoying. He turns from lovable to insane. She kicks his butt again. Of course. Besides The Moth we also saw Delavar Daivari entering the ring and taking out Big Ryck with chair. Makes sense and since there weren’t any rules applied, why not. Jack Evens also had a very nice showing once more and came super close on scoring the win but eventually it was Fenix who the fire driver on Evans to score the victory.

Winner: Fenix, Grade B – it could have been a little more smooth but it was overall lots of fun with lots of highlight spots in it and also with some good story telling again.

No DQ Match: Blue Demon Jr. w/The Crew vs. Texano

The Crew came out in suits?! Well whatever. Blue Demon gave Melissa Santos an envelope which read “due to his legendary status Dario Cueto has granted Blue Demon his wish and made this match a no DQ match”. Texano tried to not being impressed and attacked right from the bell. The Crew tried to get involved right away but Texano was able to fight them off. Texano was on a roll and got a near fall on Blue Demon when the Crew attacked again. The held Texano and then Chavo appeared with a chair. He attacked Texano and then gave the Chair to Blue Demon (Matt Striker reminds us that this is how things started in episode 2 of the season. When Chavo hit Blue Demon with a chair). After that attack Demon pinned Texano with one foot.

Winner: Blue Demon – Grade: C – the only disappointment of the night. Blue Demon seems to be in no shape for a real match these days and hence the opted for something like that. Maybe his time is up and he should get a role as the man behind the curtain or something like that. Mr. Mexico.

Lucha Underground Title Match: Champion Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes w/Catrina

Melissa Santos emphasizes that Dario Cueto stated that there MUST BE A WINNER. They simply didn’t want to say DQ again I think. Anyways that should be an exciting match since both men haven’t met that often before. Last week Catrina’s Disciples of Death won the Trios Titles so she was looking to make her reign complete.  Konnan is still out which leaves Puma all by himself today. In the beginning they worked the typical fast pace of Puma vs. Muertes’ power which led to some nice spots and fun brawling outside the ring. Muertes powerbombed Puma onto some ring steps which looked really painful. Afterwards Puma tried to counter with more speed and hit a suicide dive through the ropes and…

Holy shit! How did Puma survive that? Somehow he came back and then send Muertes into a chair Muertes placed in the ring corner earlier. Puma then got a near fall but Muertes survived. They then went back and forth for a while. Puma introduced a table at the outside of the ring. Muertes however took over control and speared (SPEAR SPEAR SPEAR) Puma right through it. Another power bomb by Muertes and….near fall! Frustration seemed to set in and Puma fought back. Lots of spin kicks to Muertes who went down and a quick 630 splash for the….2 count! Muertes being the first competitor to kick out of that. Puma was shocked! (well sold!). Puma went for a second one but Muertes moved out of the way and Puma hit the mat. Muertes then showed another spear that turned Puma inside out and hit the flatliner afterwards for the….2 count! Now Puma was the first competitor to ever kick out of the flatliner! Awesome! After a short offense Puma moved to the top rope again but Muertes was able to get up to his feet and hit the flatliner from the top rope for the finish. 

Afterwards Catrina gave Puma the lick of death and celebrated with Muertes and the Disciples of Death.

Winner: Mil Muertes, Grade A – great great match! – not a huge fan of Muertes per se but in those environments (same against Fenix) he’s awesome and Puma simply is a beast. Amazing performance!

Final Scenes

Black Lotus and Cueto pack up and leave the building with Matanza in a trailer, Fenix gets into his car and leaves with the Gift of the gods with King Cuerno on his trail. Marty has kidnapped Sexy Star and says she will meet his sister soon (I suppose that’s himself in a girls’ outfit). Havoc, Angelico and Ivelisse hit their bikes and swear to take back their titles. Aerostar and Drago say goodbye to each other and have very mystical exits. Pentagon and Vampiro leave together. Then we see a guy in a white hoodie putting on the Dragon Azteca mask and spraying a question mark on the Lucha Underground billboard. We close the show by seeing Dario Cueto standing as the lights go out in the temple. He smiles. All that’s missing are devils’ horns.