Lucha Underground – Ultima Lucha 2 – Part 1 [review]

Hola Belivers! It’s time! Ultima Lucha Dos starts NOW!

We start with a nice video package that shows how we got to where we are now and then an excited Matt Striker yells at Vampiro and Melissa Santos to take it awayyy…

Dario Cueto’s 4 A Unique Opportunity Tournament Semifinal Match: Cage vs. The Mack

Almost feels like a rematch. Both of them started off Ultima Lucha last year as well in a pretty bad ass falls count anywhere match. So why changing a winning formula? Dario arrived at the beginning of the match and told everyone that this is also a falls count anywhere match! The match quickly spilled to the floor after a really fast start and we saw both men using weapons that were at their disposal. The brawl even spilled into Dario’s office (through the door this time though) and we saw how entertained Dario was. Cage came out with a framed picture and put it over Mack’s head which lead to a near fall. Cage was in control and powerbombed Mack through some chairs and introduced a stop sign to the match allowing Mack to come back. Mack then nailed Cage with a guitar and brought some piñatas out that had weapons in them. Well at least the one that The Mack opened. Cage’s piñata only had candy. Mack then used a wrench to take out Cage and did the Stone Cold beer thing and attempted a Stunner after the middle finger sign but Cage countered. However Mack fought back quickly with a chain. Some more beer and finally the stunner connects! Mack puts Cage on a table and then gets up into the bleachers. Frog Splash! Slow cover by Mack but caged kicked out! Cage then grabbed a cinder block (remember last year!) but Mack slipped through and rolled up cage for the W.

Great match. Strange ending. But awesome match!

Winner: The Mack, Rating: ***1/2

Dario Cueto’s 4 A Unique Opportunity Tournament Boyle Heights Bar Fight Semifinal Match: Son of Havoc vs. Texano

Dario appeared again and mentioned that this would be a ‘bar fight’ since we have a cowboy and a biker here and that would just fit. The match started with some back and forth as usually until Havoc got the upper hand and showed some high flying stuff. They also brawled to the floor where Havoc used a fire extinguisher on Texano. Texano then broke a bottle over Havoc’s head but he was wearing a fireman’s helmet and felt pretty smug about it so Texano kicked him and introduced the stools and chairs to the match. He then got a keg and prepped it into the ring corner but Havoc ended up slamming him into it. Havoc then pilled up those broken stools and hit a Rana off the ropes which made Texano fly into the stools. Some more back and forth after a near fall saw Texano running a chair into Havoc’s balls. Ouch! They then went onto the apron and Texano got backdropped onto the bar. Havoc then broke some bottles in a box and double stomped Texano onto the glass and got the victory here. Also a good match, but not as awesome as the first one.

Winner: Son of Havoc, Rating: ***

Dario Cueto’s 4 A Unique Opportunity Tournament Final Falls Count Anywhere Match: The Mack vs. Son of Havoc

Dario again comes out and says he was impressed by the two as of yet but wants to see more. So this is also a falls count anywhere match! They start by shaking hands and then it breaks down. Right to the floor with Mack having the upper hand but Havoc trying to fight back. Mack got sent into the bleachers. Back in the ring they both sell that they’ve been through tough fights before. Mack then got dumped to the floor and Havoc followed with a sweat move! Back into the ring Havoc wanted to finish with a shooting star press but Mack countered with his knees up. Cradle! Near Fall! Some more striking and running and fast paced back and forth and then Havoc went up top again and this time connected with the shooting star press for the victory!

Another good match just a bit quick. Sure they had tough matches before but compared to the semi finals this main event was a bit lackluster. Still fun to watch though!

Winner: Son of Havoc, Rating: ***

Dario comes out again and offers Havoc one of two briefcases. One is full of 250,000 USD the other one has a contract for a Championship match at Ultima Lucha 3! What is it going to be, Son of Havoc? Havoc picks the contract and celebrates. Dario interrupts and says that’s all fine and the contract is his….if he wins one more match!


Famous B arrived and introduces his new client. Dr. Wanger Jr!

Son of Havoc vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. w/Famous B and Brenda:

Wagner attacked right before the bell working over Havoc who sold his exhaustion well. Wagner hat no problem controlling the match. Havoc fought back briefly and got back up top but Wagner countered the shooting star press. Dr Driver and that was it!

Disappointing for all Havoc fans (as myself) but also awesome to see that El Jefe always has something up his sleeve. Can’t wait for next week!

Overal rating: ****