Lucha Underground Season 3 Episode 2 [review]

Hola Believers! Back in the temple.

As per usual we start with a short video recap. We see again what happened in prison with Dario and then see some new footage with Capt. Vasquez.

We also see that Castro and Ryan really don’t like each other and even start to have a small brawl in their observation room.

Dr. Wagner Jr. w/ Famous B and Brenda vs. Mascarita Sagrada

That was a less then 60 seconds squash match. Obviously Mascarita isn’t a serious competitor at all but this didn’t do much to put Wagner over and the ‘feud’ between Famous B and Mascarita also isn’t very exciting.

Winner: Dr. Wagner Jr, Rating *

We then go back in time and see an old Aztec man on his dying bed with his daughter by his side. He gives her an amulet which promises immortality to females who hold it. Then back to today and we see Vasquez holding one half of the amulet.

Vazqeuz then suspends Castro since he wanted to arrest Dario right away but she wants to use him to get someone bigger and more important.

Mil Muertes w/ Catrina vs. Argenis

Another squash match here. 90 seconds or so. Argenis had two offensive moves but other than that it was a quick destruction by Mil Muertes. After he was done with Argenis Prince Puma attacked and they brawled a bit to the outside. Catrina eventually broke things up and took Muertes to the back.

Winner: Mil Muertes, Rating *

We then see Dario in his office when Joey Ryan arrives and tells him flat out that he’s a cop and that he wants to be on Dario’s side of the war. He then also tells him that Castro is a cop too and wants some money in return for this information. Dario pays.

On the other hand we see Castro coming back to Vasquez and telling her that he wants to be on her side of the war. She says he shall go back to the temple…

Weapons of Mass Destruction Match: Killshot vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez

That match now killed it. After two short squashes that match got over 20 minutes and tore down the house. Some spots didn’t make much sense in terms of ‘why are you showing this now?’ but commentary tried to explain that both simply hate each other so much that they go all nuts and don’t think and just try to hurt each other.

There’s not much to say about this match. Watch it. So many high spots, spots in the stands, blood, disgusting shit, interference, fighting back and big ass ladder with a pretty sweet final spot by Killshot.

20+ minutes of madness.

Winner: Killshot, Rating ****

In the back we see angry Mil punching shit in the locker room. Catrina comes in and says he should calm the fuck down because it took her hundreds of years to get where she is now and then we see her holding the other part of the amulet! 😮