Lucha Underground Season 3 – Episode 1 [review]

Hola Believers! Lucha Underground is back!

We start the episode with a short flashback to Dario working out in prison and then being released. The cop opening the cell says it seems as if Dario has powerful friends. Dario responds with ‘you have no idea’. He then proceeds to collect his belongings and the cop handing over his stuff is THE HONKY TONK MAN! We can even see his guitar hanging behind him. I love Lucha Underground!

Back in the temple Vamp and Matt welcome us and Vampiro says he’s nobody’s master anymore and only here to commentate.

We then go to Dario in the ring who says he brought a new toy. He wants opponents for his brother so he will spin his “Wheel of Doom” and whichever name it lands on has to face Matanza. He spins it and it lands on…..Son of Havoc! The temple goes nuts!

Son of Havoc vs. Matanza. Championship Match!

So we all know that SOH wouldn’t win this match but man. They did an awesome job making us believe he could. He used his speed and agility very well. Matanza would power through him a few times but SOH would come back and keep using his agility. He showed a pretty cool high flying – senton – into armbar combination that commentary also sold very well. That dude never gets boring! The crowd was super into this and SOH even got a few near falls and you always thought ‘that might be it’. Matanza was always able to escape though and eventually hit the popup Wrath of the Gods outta nowhere and took home the victory.

Great match to start things off though and SOH looked like a star while Matanza showed all he needs is one move to kill you.

Winner and still: Matanza. Rating: ***1/2

Dario is back in his office and World Wide Underground (Taya, Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, Jack Evans) visit him. Johnny says he wants a title match but Dario disagrees and said Mundo lost last time he fought so he’s not getting a title match. Mundo then says ok, give him Sexy Star and the Gift of the gods title then. Dario still says he’s not worth it and everybody in the group lost at Ultima Lucha 2 except Taya. So that’s why Taya gets a match with Sexy Star. Next.

In the ring we see Ivelisse adressing Catrina and calling her out for a match at Ultima Lucha 3. Catrina appears OUTTA NOWHERE and accepts via “you got it, bitch”.

Gift of the gods championship match: Sexy Star vs. Taya.

Second match, second championship on the line. What a start to the new season. Taya dominated at first but missed a splash what allowed Sexy to take over. World Wide Underground would come out to distract the ref and Johnny Mundo tried to hold down Sexy for Taya to attack but Sexy Star moved out of the way, Mundo distracted Taya instead and Sexy rolled her up for the win.

Winner: Sexy Star. Rating: **

Dario is still in his office. Talking on the RED PHONE while texting. Marty The Moth comes in and talks. He sent gifts to Dario in prison but Dario doesn’t want to hear anything about his time in prison anymore. Marty says he wants to move on and rule the temple but Dario tells him that Killshot isn’t done with him yet and that’s why, next week, the two will face off in a Weapons of Mass Destruction match. Marty loves manically which freaks El Jefe out.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Pentagon Dark

Pentagon Dark is still a stupid name. The match started off well though with Rey showing a few nice fast paced moves and Pentagon then being able to counter and dominate with power. Of course Pentagon got into Vampiro’s face at some point which gave Rey some time to recover. Pentagon hit the package piledriver but Rey stayed alive and countered, showed the 619 and a Canadian Destroyer for the win. All while Vamp had left since he didn’t wanna watch more of Pentagon Dark.

Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr. – Rating: ***3/4

After the match Pentagon attacked Rey since he, just like me, thought Rey shouldn’t have won against another big name (the match was great though). However Dragon Azteca Jr. made the save which sets up a pretty cool feud for the future I believe.

In the back we see Prince Puma being all emo since he lost quite a lot last season. Vampiro appears and wants to give Puma some advice. Puma doesn’t want to hear anything but Vamp talks anyways. He tells him that ever since he lost to Mil Muertes, Puma isn’t the same anymore and therefore he has to take out Muertes. Puma is surprised that Vamp doesn’t ask him to take out Pentagon and Vamp replies that it’s not about Vampiro here, it’s about Prince Puma.

Overall a good show. Great start into the new season. Can’t wait for next week!