Lucha Underground AZTEC WARFARE III [review]

Hola Believers and welcome to AZTEC WARFAAAAAAARE! Melissa, take it away!

We knew that Matanza would start on number one. Number two is Johnny since he pissed off Dario on the way to the ring. The whole idea of Aztec Warfare is to have a ‘better’ version of the Royal Rumble + you gotta pin your opponent to eliminate him / her. We then get SOH and Jeremiah. They all teamed up to go after Matanza for a bit before turning on each other. On number five we got Pentagon Dark who kicked everybody’s ass!

PJ Black was #6, who got after Crane and then he teamed with Mundo to go after Havoc. Mariposa then came who got attacked by Crane right away. Matanza then surprised Crane and pinned him. Mariposa tried to use her sexy to distract Matanza, it failed as Matanza planted her with a chokeslam to eliminate the freaky one.

Rey Mysterio came in at #8, but Mundo and PJ cut him off. Dr. Wagner was #9 who first worked with Pentagon to beat up Ray. Marty then arrived and went right after Matanza. He actually delivered a few nice shots to the Monster. On 11 we saw Jack Evans and the World Wide Underground celebrated. They then eliminated SOH. On 12 Sexy Star came down and surprisingly, on 13, Ricky Mantell who got eliminated rather quickly. On 14 we had Sagrada who also got pinned right away by Matanza. Famous B was on 15 who tried to recruit Rey Mysterio but that didn’t work out too well and Mysterio eliminated him.  Then we got Black lotus who returned with some assassin ‘ninjas’ and they took out Pentagon for the elimination as Mundo pinned him. Marty attacked Rey, but Rey hit the RANA for the elimination.

#16 was the Mack. Mack ran wild on Mundo, Evans and Black. He worked together with Sex Star until Muertes arrived on 18. Muertes attacked Joe Ryan who was handcuffed on the side. He ‘broke’ the cuffs. Matanza and Muertes eliminated Ryan and Wagner and went face to face before brawling. Kobra Moon then was on #19. The Mack dished out some stunners and eliminated Evans. Mack and Star then pinned Black together. On 20 was Drago. He got after Kobra Moon right away and pinned Moon with the dragon’s cradle. Matanza then took out Drago and sent him packing. That was quick for the #20 entry.

Matanza and Rey went back and forth, code breaker by Star on Matanza. Stunner by Mack on Matanza as everyone attacks Matanza. 619 to Matanza and one mo….no he counters but Rey is able to show the code red and pins Matanza!!!!!

Angelico then returned with a dive off Dario’s office. Holy Shit! That’s what we missed!

He took out the WWU and Matanza attacks Rey for pinning him and destroys him! Wrath of the gods to Rey by Matanza while Dario seems legit pissed. Mundo pinned Rey after Matanza knocked down Dario on the way out. Star and Mundo then got at each other while Rey is rolled out on a stretcher. The WWU gangs up on Sexy but somehow she stays alive and pins Mundo. Muertes, Star and Mack are left. Muertes hits a Flatliner on Mack rather quick which leaves Sexy and Muertes. He mandhandles her for a bit and then introduces a table and chairs into the ring. He aims to spear Sexy through the table in the corner but misses. Near fall!

After some brawling he sets up another table and wants show the flatliner off the top apron. Star counters, pushes him down through the table and shows a double stomp for the win!

And NEW Lucha Underground champion: Sexy Star! Rating: ****