About Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground is the new Wrestling promotion in town (and on TV). Based in Boyle Heights, L.A. it showcases the greatest talent in professional Wrestling & Lucha Libre.

The show takes place in a Temple like arena and his hosted by the boss, Dario Cueto. Dario gathers the best “Luchadores” (Fighters) in the world in order to let them prove themselves. He also promises a high reward ($ 100,000) to the Luchador who impresses him the most but eventually, when Johnny Mundo wins the first show of Lucha Underground in an epic match against Prince Puma, withholds the reward and orders Big Ryck and his crew to attack Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma. The fight was on and continues ever since.

Besides that some of the most accomplished luchadores ever joined Lucha Underground in order to stand their ground. Chavo Guerrero re-discovered as violent streak as of late (after losing to Blue Demon Jr.)¬†while¬†even attacking Sexy Star with a chair. Moreover we saw Mil Muertes laying waste to everyone who stepped in the ring with him while being ‘managed’ by the ever sexy Catrina.

Lucha Underground is not your average promotion a la WWE or TNA. It’s more. It’s better. More action, less awkward acting. More bouts, less stupid promos. Simply more high class wrestling.