Lucha Underground 30/11/2016 [review]

Hola Believers! Back in the temple for a special episode of Lucha Underground!

We start, as always, with hilights from past episodes. Then we see Pentagon running Vampiro who tells him that everybody has to pay for his sins. Even Pentagon. Pentagon doesn’t give a fuck and just shows his 0 miedo sign.


Gauntlet Match: Pentagon Dark vs. the Black Lotus Triad (Black Lotus, Doku, Hitokiri and Yurei)

Gauntlet time! Because Dario is a mad motherfucker, hates Pentagon and loves violence. Wooo! Pentagon has to face all 4 women after each other. In the beginning Vamp does some weird commentary and tells some strange metaphors about monks and samurai that should symbolize his relationship with Pentagon. Eventually he would settle into his normal commentary style though. Thanks for that! The first lady out is Doku. She started of with chops to the chest. Pentagon showed a bad ass superkick and showed chops himself. Then it spilled outside the ring and Pentagon slammed her into the apron (the hardest part of the ring – but you already know that!). Pentagon pushed her back into the ring, at one point she briefly fought back and even showed a spear that looked a bit weak but Pentagon sold it anyways. She then showed a big elbow drop and tried to follow it up with a second one that was blocked by Pentagon. He turned it into an armbar and broke her arm.

Winner: Pentagon Dark. 

We get a video package showing us how Catrina met with Jeremiah Crane. We got some weird conversation that shows that both have a common past and that he wears part Catrina’s stone around his neck. WTF is gonna happen here?

Next up is Yurei! She starts of well and at one point hits a high (!!) cross to the floor. We get some brawling and Yurei does look better than Doku. Her attack with the ring bell however also looked quite unimpressive and weak. She sends Pentagon into the chairs at ringside and then back into the ring. Good selling here again by Pentagon. He then shows some kind of knee submission hold. Single crab or something. Yurei makes the ropes though. Pentagon then focused on the leg but Yurei counterd, hit a RANA of the ropes and even got a double stomp in for the near fall. Pentagon was able to counter her offense and took her out with package piledriver. And also broke her arm afterwards!

Winner: Pentagon Dark.

Hitokiri is the third in and starts things of with a missile dropkick and suicide dive. She works pretty fast paced, grabs a chair and punishes Pentagon. She stayed in control during their brawl on the outside. She sends him into the chairs again. Vamp likes it! Eventually Pentagon finds a comeback opportunity and kicked her right into the face. He tosses her to the outside again and throws her full speed into the chairs. That looked wild! He then uses a TV cable to whip her and fucking chokes her with it. That made me feel pretty uncomfortable. He continues to punish her, she finds an opening though and runs up the stairs onto the top of the office and then fucking leaps of the roof with an amazing high cross onto Pentagon! Back in the ring it seems as if Pentagon can cut her off and he tries to show the package piledriver again but she counters into the code red for the 1, 2, 3. Wow!

Winner: Hitokiri

We then get a video package of Matanza training. Which means he punches the fucking cell wall until his hands are bleeding. Dario says he will face Mundo next week to get the title back. But Matanza ‘says’ NOOOO! Dario asks what he wants, the camera pans back and we see a bloody question mark on the wall and Matanza yells “MYSTERIOOOOOOO”

Then Black Lotus comes out with all her girls since Pentagon still has to fight her. She stomps on him and then broke his arm with his very own move. Dragon Azteca arrives and the Triad leaves the ring and Dragon Azteca breaks Pentagons other arm. WOAH!


Winner: Black Lotus Triad – Rating: ***1/2 – I think that was pretty good from a story telling point of view. The girls look dangerous even though they, especially the first two, didn’t look that smooth in the beginning. I saw lots of hate towards the booking but I don’t quite get it in this case. I think it makes sense since Pentagon is probably going to become LU face at some point and now fans are rooting for him to come back and kick even more ass. 

Lastly we see a video where Puma awakens in his coffin and we see (a fucked up) Vampiro telling him to ‘come with me’. I’m telling you Puma heel, Pentagon face turn here we go.

Great episode!