Lucha Underground 26/10/2016 [review]

Hola believers! We start with Sexy in Darios office. She say she wants a match with Matanza for the title. Dario says vale, but only if she wins her match against Johnny Mundo tonight. Sexy says no problem, that’s just a warm up. Dario says even though she’s a girl she’s got huevos. However if Fenix, Aerostar or Drago interfere, they’ll be banned from the temple. So she’s on her own.

Marty Martinez w/ Mariposa vs. Ivelisse

As always, Marty was super creepy on Melissa. A few weeks ago we saw Ivelisse beating Mariposa but then got attacked by team BroSis. Marty started off well and took early control while staying completely in his creep character.  Ivelisse came back and worked some nice stuff but Marty broke it up with a spinebuster and won with a full nelson. Was ok, but nothing awesome.

Winner: Marty, Rating: *1/2

Marty and Mariposa then celebrate and beat down Ivelisse but Sami Callihan arrives and saves Ivelisse. They argue, hug, argue again. Oh god a love angle. Yeah…

Paul London with another creepy White Rabbit promo…

Ivelisse and Sami are fighting, he says who slays together, stays together. They then hate on Dario and leave.

Dario meets up with Councilman Delgado in a limo.They discuss someone’s “ascension” and Dario says that he has two bodies selected as a “host”. Those are Texano and Cage. He then leaves with the box.

Match Three in Best of Five Series: Texano vs. Cage 

They really get into it it seems. Good chemistry. Good grove. Cage was kinda hot, Texano fought back and seemed to get the upper hand until Cage countered again and seemed to be in charge. Texano kept kicking out of lots of stuff, showing how desperate he was and eventually won with a small package to steal the win.

Winner: Texano, Rating: ***

In his office, Dario was looking at the box, when Rey Mysterio Jr. entered the office and asked for a minute. He wants a loser leaves lucha match against Chavo since we all are he is sick of Chavo.

Gift of the Gods Championship: Johnny Mundo vs. Sexy Star (c) 

Mundo took control early on and showed that he does have great wrestling skills. Sexy came back and then the shenanigans started. Sexy had a pin and submission down but the ref was out. Jack Evans and PJ Black came to interfere. They put her down but she somehow kicked out. Eventually The Mack would show up and help Sexy. In the end that wasn’t enough the equal the playing field though since Johnny used brass knuckles to get the win and steal the title.

I’m all for Mundo winning but man that was a load of BS that we usually only see over there in the E.

Winner: Mundo, Rating: *

Prince Puma was shown working out in the back. Vampiro came up to him and said that Puma wasn’t done with Mil. He brought up Konnan and said that he hated him but it wasn’t him that put Konnan in a coffin. Also he stated that he always respected Puma.