Lucha Underground 23/11/2016 [review]

Hola Believers! This week starts, of course, with a cool recap and some highlights from last week’s amazing Aztec Warfare III. They really tore the house down so let’s see how Lucha can follow that up.

The first match is a trios Championship match between the champs Aerostar, Fenix and Drago vs. the new team of The White Rabbit Tribe.

That was….somehow fun. In between. I guess. To be honest I didn’t know Paul London before (yeah, shame on me for not following every indy show, lo siento!) and expected a lot after all the hype. They did have some funny and even some cool spots in it but overall that match seemed rather blunt + it was obvious they all didn’t have much chemistry since they slowed down their moves remarkably which looked pretty weird in temple where things usually are happening fast and intense.

Just when we thought The White Rabbit Tribe would win, the champs countered and Fenix brought home the w.

Winners: Aerostar, Fenix, Drago – Rating: *1/2

We see Mack joking around with Sexy and then telling her he got her back tonight but she says she’s gotta do it alone.

Dante Fox vs. Killshot

That was a great match! I knew both guys could kill it but it was nice to see them actually doing it together in the ring. It was a great back and forth with both having the upper hand for a while. High paced action, no boring rest holds or anything like that. They played well off the hatred that Fox apparently has for Killshot. The crowd was totally into it and even cheered for Fox at some point who simply refused to stay down. Even after Killshot hit his double stomp Fox kicked out and eventually showed an amazing finishing move combo that got him the win in a really good match!

Winner: Dante Fox, Rating: ****

We get some cocky talk between Mundo and Dario. Both assholes. Nice.

Also we see Dario talking to Black Lotus and telling her he liked what she and her gang did last week so they all get a match against Pentagon Dark next week.

Lucha Underground Championship Match: Sexy Star vs. Johnny Mundo

I love Johnny Mundo! I don’t like Sexy Star. I wanted to see Johnny as the Champ from day one but man those last few outings with all the interferences really sucked the fun out of it. Yes he’s a heel but man. All. The. Fucking. Time. As always this started quite well. Some nice back and forth. Johnny with mostly the upper hand but Sexy with some desperate offense. It all looked ok until it spilled to the outside of the ring and Johnny took the crutch of some injured ‘fan’. Sexy took his crutch away, then tried to look after the injured fan while Johnny was talking to the ref. The ‘fan’ then struck Sexy Star down, Johnny went outside, picked her up and back into the ring, showed end of days and won.

Obviously that ‘fan’ was Taya. God that was so predictable. The rest of the World Wide Underground then came out to celebrate with Johnny.

Winner AND NEW LU Champion: Johnny Mundo – Rating: **

Overall that was a rather average show. Not super bad, not super fun. The Dante Fox vs. Killshot match was really good, the rest rather meh.