Lucha Underground 22/12/2016 [review]

Amigos! We get the final of the battle of the bulls tournament today and start right off with the action in the ring.

Battle of the Bulls Tournament Finals: The Mack vs. Cage, Jeremiah Crane and PJ Black

The winner of this match would receive a shot at the LU Championship which is right now held by Johnny Mundo. Cage went wild in the early beginning but PJ Black cut down the huge tree that Cage is. Mack also showed some great agility again in the early beginnings. Always freaks me out to see him fly around like it’s nothing. Cage continued to dominate though and even caught Crane mid-somersault and reversed it into a suplex. However, as expected, Texano interfered and cost Cage his chance at the title. Cage got eliminated first. After Cage was out it seemed as if the match got a bit slower, still showing some good moves though. Eventually it was Crane, who just like Cage before, looked dominant for quite a while, who got eliminated next. So we got Mack vs. Black in the final moments of the match. Both men try to hit stunners with Mack, being the Stunner pro at LU, showing the more successful version and taking home the w.

Winner: The Mack – Rating: ***1/2 – fun match. Fast pace. Everybody got to shine. Well done. 

In the back Fenix and Aerostar were looking for Drago. In the bathroom. WTF. Kobra Moon cam in, and told them that Drago is back at her tribe. Her muscle guys showed up and the three beat up Fenix and Aerostar.

Then we see Sexy Star congratulating Mack. Both joke around that it would be cool to fight each other for the title.


Eventually we then also see Crane in Cueto’s office. Cueto granted him the match he wanted. Then Crane searched for something in the ceiling which baffled Cueto. Crane pulled down a board and said he left it there when he was a kid. As he leaves he meets Catrina in the hallway. He tells Catrina he got a match with Mil next week (uses Mil’s ‘real’ name though) and then walks through ghost Catrina. Man. Better than most movies these days!

Lucha Underground Championship Steel Cage Match: Johnny Mundo (c) vs. Sexy Star

The Worldwide Underground was banned from ringside for this match. Mundo started off by spitting at Sexy, she then slapped him in return. Good start. It was a decent back and forth but nothing that sets it apart from other cage matches. Eventually Sexy would step on Johnny’s back to go to the top of the cage but, as stupid as faces are, she doesn’t escape but jumps from the top of the cage to take Johnny out but he kicks out at 2. Sexy stayed on it though and almost saw another chance to win but Johnny then pulled off her mask which led to Sex Star cowering in the ring and covering up wich gave Johnny the chance to escape rather easily.

Winner: Johnny Mundo, Rating: ** – I’m sorry but I can’t get behind Sexy Star. Equality and stuff. Yay. And I dig most of the other female wrestlers on the roster but Sexy is lacking something. I hope this one is over now.

When Mundo tried to leave Mack showed up and hit Mundo with a stunner.

At the end we get Drago who is being held chained up by Kobra Moon. He says he refuses to accept her as a leader and rather starve than to be part of her tribe.