Lucha Underground 19/10/2016 [review]

Hola Believers! Back in the temple and man what I ride this episode was! But let’s start from the beginning!

We see Puma in the back and once again Vamp comes up to him and tries to offer help or advice. Puma says he rather dies by Mil Muertes’ hands than to live by Vamp’s. Vampiro says he predicts that Mil will die by Puma’s hands.

We then go to the ring where Matanza already waits and we get another episode of Darioooo’s Dial of Dooooom! And the winner is….Killshot!

Matanza vs. Killshot

Killshot has been rocking each match he’s been in so good on him for getting this shot. He still showed effects from his Weapons of Mass Destruction match with Marty and was taped up. Matanza came out quickly and tossed Killshot around but he used the ropes to survive an early cover attempt. Matanza went for a top rope tombstone but Killshot fought out and was able to get some offense going. The crowd popped pretty hard for that. He then ripped his bandage off but ran into a huge uppercut from Matanza who then hit the Wrath of the Gods to retain the title.

Good match but a bit short. I’m sure Killshot is able to show a bit more even if it’s against the monster.

Winner: Matanza, Rating: **1/2
We then see AR Fox entering the ring with dog tags around his neck. Killshot utters something like ‘I thought you were dead’ and hugs him. Fox shoves him off and puts him down with a huge kick and follows up with some ground and pound. Fox drops the tags on him and says ‘you left me for dead’.

We get another white rabbit teaser….weird.

The trios champions come out and are all happy until Dario Cueto shows up and announces that in four week we will get AZTEC WARFARE III. He said that Matanza was unstoppable, so to give him a real challenge, he enters him at #1. The three guys in the ring will now fight for #20. However, the losers won’t be in the match!

Unique Opportunity Match: Drago vs. Aerostar and Fenix 

They start the match WWE style which means one man stays out, 2 start. However, luckily, things turn lucha quite quickly and chaos develops. It was really fast and all of a sudden Fenix was busted open and bleeding heavily. He then nailed an awesome superkick that turned Aerostar inside out. Dargo followed up with a cool powerbomb but Fenix broke up the pin. Eventually Aerostar would end up on Fenix’s shoulder. Drago climbed up and arm dragged him off which wasn’t exactly what I expected from that built in the corner. Later on Fenix showed a submission hold on Drago and Aerostar, at the same time, put on one Fenix. They had to break it up though. Later on Drago took out Fenix with a nice rewind RANA and hit a blockbuster DDT on Aerostar for the win.

A bit weird here that the finishing move that ended the match was such a rather basic one. The match itself was fun, although a bit sloppy at times. We all thought Fenix would win so having Drago win instead is a good move of course. But still, it could have been really awesome.

Winner: Drago, Rating: ***
In the back Drago is looking in the mirror when Kobra Moon arrives. She tells him that she expects him to bring the title back to their tripe. He answers that he left their tribe thousands of years ago and will never go back. Some weird dude then arrives eating pizza and looking all creepy.

Johnny is back in Dario’s office. Again. He says he’s desperate for a shot at Sexy’s title and doesn’t want to wait until Aztec Warfare. Back in season 1 Johnny won 100,000 USD from Cueto and offers to give them back (well, 93,000 that are left since Johnny had to pay someone off for photos that would have been leaked online). Dario says he got it. Next week.

Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes w/ Cartina 

Rematch from our first main event ever! Puma came out firing on all cylinders but Mil Muertes switched into beast mode and turned it around. Puma didn’t stop though. Suicide dive, dive to the outside of the ring, one high spot follow the other. The crowd went nuts! Muertes came back with a huge spear outside of the ring which lead to them brawling through the crowd. Puma then leapt of the bleachers onto Mil Muertes which looked pretty dope. He put Mil back in the ring which lead to some back and forth. Mil went for the Flatliner but Puma fought out, hit a kick to Mil’s head and then the 630 before earning a rare clean win of Mil Muertes.

Awesome match. So close to being fantastic. Now that they’re 1:1 I guess we’ll see a rubber match rather sooner than later.

Winner: Prince Puma, Rating: ***3/4

Rey Mysterio Jr. talks to Chavo Classic in the back. He says that he has mad respect for the Guerrero’s but he has to fight Chavo since it is either him or Chavo that has to go.

I love what Rey did at LU so far but man, Rey vs. Chavo just sounds too much like WWE. Especially in 2016.