Lucha Underground 15/12/2016 [review]

Hola believers! Time for another update of some awesome high flying action in the temple. Let’s go!

Jeremiah Crane vs. Killshot, Dante Fox and Mariposa

Great match here. Killshot ran wild in the beginning and almost got the quick win. Mariposa also showed some really nice offense before Fox took it to Killshot. At some point Crane was able to return though, attacked Fox and then got the chairs and introduced them to the ring. We get Killshot being superplexed onto the chairs. OUCH. Mariposa then ran wild with chairshots before hitting the Vertebreaker on Killshot onto a chair! Killshot kicked out, came back and got back and forth with Fox before Crane came in with a DTD on Killshot. Mariposa was also able to hit a stunner on Killshot. Fox saved him though since it’s not elimination but one fall for the finish. Fox takes out Crane, hits his move on Killshot but Crane is back, driller. Win!

Good match. Fast paced. Wow. Great start.

Winner: Jeremiah Crane, Rating: ****

After the match Killshot kinda killed Fox with a tough double stomp.

Taya then filmed Mundo and his crew and we get Sexy star preparing for her rematch with Johnny. She then freaks out cause there’s a spider in her locker….#weird.

Drago vs. Kobra Moon:

That lasted like two minutes. Drago didn’t play any games and destroyed Moon. But before he could finish her some kind of Lizard Man arrived and attacked. Fenix and Aerostar make the save but then Dinosaur Man arrived as well and just killed everyone. They then carry away Drago.

Mariposa and Sexy brawl backstage…talk some shit…brawl some more.

PJ Black vs Son Of Havoc, Jack Evans and Angelico

Finally Angelico is back. Yeah! They did some good back and forth here with all involved. Even Angelico and SOH got on it and Jack and PJ. Mostly they sticked to their alliances but in between everybody tried to get the w which is nice. Then again some good and fast back and forth. Everytime Angelico and SOH did something it looked smooth and cool. Those guys are great. Evans and Black also did good jobs though. Eventually Evans and Black got rid of SOH and Angelico and Black lies down for Evans to pin him but when Evans went for the pin Black rolled him up…..sneaky!

Winner: PJ Black, Rating: ***

We see Dragon Azteca Jr. meeting Rey and they talk about Matanza. Rey says it’s not Azteca’s fight, but Azteca said he will make his own name and build his own legacy and he will end Matanza’s life.