Lucha Underground 12/10/16 [review]

Hola Believers!

We started with a video package again. Cool as always!

Then we head to the back, see Dragon Azteca Jr getting ready for his fight with Pentagon Jr when Chavo appears and beats the shit out of Dragon Azteca. He uses a chair to knock him the fuck out and leaves so he can get his hands on Pentagon. Rey arrives when Chavo leaves, finds Dragon Azteca Jr and then screams ‘Chaaaavooooooo’ like in a bad horror movie.

Dr. Wagner Jr. and Famous B vs. Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada


I’m a bit afraid that Son of Havoc will be moved into this comedy section again but for what it was, it was actually decent. Wagner Jr does have some nice moves up his sleeve even though he doesn’t seem to be that fit anymore. Famous B simply adds lots of fun to the whole act so that’s cool. It seemed as if Mascerita and SOH would get the win but when SOH was taken out Wagner could focus on Mascerita and actually found the time the have Famous B pin him. 1 2 3 FAME.

Winner: Famous B & Dr. Wagner Jr, Rating: **

Gift of the Gods Title Match: Champion Sexy Star vs. Jack Evans

Evans is such a dick, love it. He grabbed the mic and said after the match Melissa Santos will not only call him Dragon Slayer but also Star Destroyer. Love it. Sexy slapped him and off we went. It was a nice back and forth until the WWU interfered. Johnny Mundo speared Sexy Star but she was still able to kick out of the cover (WTF). Then Aerostar came to help (later on also Drago) Sexy and took out the WWU and while the ref was busy keeping an eye on everything, Sexy low blowed Evans and got the pin.

Winner: Sexy Star, Rating: *** – The match itself was good, the ending a bit of a mess though. 

We head to el jefes office. Chavo is there and says Azteca is in the hospital so he wants a shot at Pentagon. Then Mysterio arrives and says that he wants Chavo. They brawl a bit, el jefe is rather amused and makes the main event a three way.

Pentagon Dark vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero

That was a really good match. Three ways can always go very well or very wrong. This one went very well. Rey seems to be revitalized here in LU and puts on lots of good matches. Chavo, imo, doesn’t really fit into the mix but he didn’t disturb the flow much. He just doesn’t get the reaction he should in a main event. The crowd chanted Eddie when chavo showed some of the Guerrero moves though. Besides that it was really fun and ended with a surprise when Pentagon was able to show the package piledriver on Rey and got the win.

Afterwards he wanted to break Rey’s arm, Rey barely escaped but Chavo then sidelined him and took him out and went after Rey’s knee with a chair. That’s how the show ended.