Lucha Underground 09/11/2016 – Grave Consequences [review]

Hola Believers! This week promises to be exciting. Let’s hit it!

The opening was smooth as always. Catrina tells Mil that, if he loses again, she won’t bring him back from the dead. So I guess we already know how this is going to end.

Believer’s Backlash Match: Mascarita Sagrada vs. Famous B:

“Believer’s Backlash” is a match where the fans have brought weapons and can use them on the wrestlers. In this very special match it was announced that all kinds of weapons are fair game. Sounds insane but we will see that that actually doesn’t really happen. Sagrada started with football padding and helmet on and tackled Famous B in the balls. He then grabbed a stepladder, put it on the announce table and splashed down on Famous B. Brenda distracted MS and that allowed B to come back. He then attack MS with popcorn (??) and sent him into the trash can. MS escaped and hit B with the lid. We got some more back and forth between the two. Rather funny spots but for a match where ‘anything’ goes a bit weird. B then grabbed a toolbox and got a perfume sprayer (like Rick Martel’s ‘arrogance’). Sagrad hit a dropkick, grabbed a bowling ball and hit B’s balls again. Dr. Wagner arrived and tried to help B but SOH came out to even the playing field. Eventually MS would hit B with a painting of B himself, choked him out with his own tie and hit a suicide dive to the outside. He also threw a pie at Brenda when Matt Striker called ‘cream pie all over her face’ – he must love his job there.

In the end MS stole Striker’s shoe, hit B with it and showed a DDT for the win.

Winner: Mascerita Sagrada, Rating: **1/2 – Fun and not too long. The crowd loved it, so good on them. Just not a wrestling classic. 


Dante meets with Killshot. Killshot wants to put their past behind them and they call each other ‘brother’ since they have to be in a team later on.

Once more Kobra Moon meets with Drago who was practicing with nunchucks. Drago says he wants nothing to do with her or her tribe. The dude with the chicken wing arrives and says he’ll know use the ladies room.

Winners Get Into Aztec Warfare: Killshot, Dante Fox. Argenis, Texano and Cage vs. The Mack, Mariposa, Marty The Moth, Ivelisse and Jeremiah:

The ‘couple’ worked together early on. Cage went after Marty, Texano came in and also took out Marty. Then him and Cage argued. Actually everybody argued besides Argenis. Killshot and Dante argued as well but still took out Marty with Dante hitting a nice inside out 450. Ivelisse with the reverse RANA on Killshot but she hurt her ankle again! Dante then attacked Killshot and left him lying for Marty to pin.

Winner: The Mack, Mariposa, Marty The Moth, Ivelisse and Jeremiah – Rating: ** – Rather short and too much arguing. Few good spots, could have been better though. 

Next week we’ll get Aztec Warfare. Dario talks to Matanza and reminds him what their father trained him for. Matanza replies with “WAAAAAAAARRRR”.

Grave Consequences Match: Mil Muertes w/Catrina vs. Prince Puma

To win, you have to secure your opponent in a casket. Puma attacked from the get-go before the bell even rang. He flew of the steps onto Mil and showed lots of passion. Once in the ring Muertes took control though. They went out again and Muertes repeatedly slammed Puma onto the ring bell before he powerbombed him onto the casket. Mil then got a table, slid it into the ring and put Puma back into the ring as well. Then he beat Puma down with chair shots. Muertes placed the table in the ring corner and on the other side he placed the steel chair. He then tried to spear Puma into the steel chair corner, Puma sidestepped him and Muertes went shoulder first into the chair. When Puma turned around after stumbling back Muertes was already back though and speared him through the god damn table. Muertes then unscrewed the buckle, dropping the top rope to the mat and then pulled the casket into the ring. A few (10) repeated clothelines to Puma in the corner but Puma came back and eventually laid out Muertes on the casket and showed a freaking 450 splash on Muertes on the casket!!!!

He then tried to put Muertes into the casket by slamming the lid on  his head. Muertes came back though and chokeslammed Puma onto the casket. Muertes then tried to shut Puma in the casket, Puma battled back and kicked Muertes away. Puma then again went all out just to be put in the flatliner. But when Muertes went down Puma popped right back up and kicked Mil in the face. Sweet Spot!

A few more really good back and forth spots (watch it!) with chair shots and tables. Puma set up two tables outside and laid Mil onto them. He then went up top but Mil came back, battled back and chokeslammed Puma from the top apron through the tables on the floor!! Muertes then took out the same casket he used to burry Konnan in and put Puma into it.

Winner: Mil Muertes – Rating: **** – Holy Shit!