Lucha Underground 05/10/2016 [review]

Hola believers! Back in the temple and this time finally again with a review. Meaning the episode didn’t suck! Yay!

We open with Dario’s Dial of doom. This time Prince Puma got the ‘chance’ at the title. Wow. Cueto says Puma is great, but Matanza is the greatest!

Ivelisse vs. Mariposa w/ Marty Martinez 

Ivelisse has a scheduled date with Catrina at Ultima Lucha 3 so it’s kinda boring now to see random matches with her. They said it’ll be like training for her but Mariposa certainly didn’t just wanna lose. The fight itself was rather boring. They are both great female wrestlers but the match lacked everything…some basic kicks, some counters but without inspiration or urgency. Marty intervened here and there, Mariposa seemed to go for her finisher but Ivelisse countered and took home the win.

Winner: Ivelisse, Rating: **

Afterwards Marty attacks Ivelisse from behind and then slammed his sister onto Ivelisse.

Then we see Dario in his office. Johnny Mundo comes in and wants a championship match…or at least a shot at the Gift of the Gods championship. That would just be fair since Sexy Star lost last week….Dario agrees but says since Jack Evans pinned her, he will get the shot…Cueto is such a great asshole. Love it.

A weird video telling us to “follow the white rabbit” is shown. It ends with “they’ll be here soon.”

Match Two in Best of Five: Cage (2) vs. Texano (0)

Way better than the first match! I didn’t like the first match at all but this was much more fun. They worked with more urgency and got a lot of spots in! Really cool. Texano even yelled spanish insults at Cage which showed that he would take it serious. Cage showed a few cool athletic spots while Texano countered with an ushigoroshi for a good near fall. In the end it was Cage with a neat deadlift suplex and a F5 to win this match and go on to a 2-0 lead. Let’s hope we won’t get the expected comeback to 2-2.

Winner: Cage, Rating: ***

Backstage we see Ivelisse’s boyfriend Jeremiah appearing. It’s Sami Callihan (Solomon Crowe). He freaks out and wants to get involved, but Ivelisse declines, saying that she wants to keep her personal life and career separate. He states that they both like beating up people….I didn’t really like him in WWE. Let’s see how he fits into Lucha Underground!

Lucha Underground Championship: Matanza Cueto (c) w/ Dario Cueto vs. Prince Puma

The thing is we all expect Matanza to retain the title for a while, at least until the next Ultima Lucha. However they always kinda get us into believing that this lucky chance match might be the one that sees the title change. Same this time. Prince Puma is the fucking man. Still my favorite wrestler to date who is currently active. He showed some awesome spots but also great urgency to put Matanza away and freaking strength. Of course Matanza took everything, even as it spilled outside the ring, and dished more back at Puma. But the way Puma took everything Matanza had and still managed to stay in the match was rather impressive. And then, as if the flippy shit that Puma does isn’t enough, he fucking caught Matanza in mid-air and not only suplexed him, but dead lifted him into a second one!!!!

Matanza then nearly hit Wrath of the Gods but Puma counterd into a big DDT. Puma used kicks to knock Matanza down and push him into a corner. Perfect position for the 630! Puma up top, hits it and…. Mil Muertes showed up and took him out! Dario shouted at the referee to not call a DQ. Matanza then won with a Wrath of the Gods.

Great match!

Winner: Matanza, Rating: ****

The ending made sense to protect Puma and to keep Matanza with the title and to further the angle between Puma and Muertes. All well done.


In the back we see Killshot working out when Ryan arrives and gives him a note a guy handed him outside. Killshot opens it and it reads: “you left me to die”….