Lucha Underground 02/11/2016 [review]

Hola Believers! As always we started with a cool intro video. I hope those editors get a good salary there!

Matt and Vamp hype the presence of Chavo Classic in the audience before they get cut off by Dario since he wants to spin his Dial of Doom. It lands on “Dario’s choice” and after teasing some fan favorites he chooses…..Cortez Castro.

Lucha Underground Championship: Matanza Cueto (c) w/ Dario Cueto vs. Cortez Castro

Castro gets punished for being a cop. Nice choice, El Jefe! RING THE BELLLLLL and the killing started. Cortez tried to run away in the ring and tried to get some surprise shots in but Matanza didn’t give a fuck and re-broke Castro’s arm and the freaking cast.

Winner: Matanza, Rating: *** (not a good match since it was so short, but great story telling wise and the cast thing was cool).

Back in Dario’s office, Dario and Joey Ryan laughing at what happened. SOH arrives together Mascerita Sagrada. Mascerita wants a match with Famous B and Dario agrees. Plus if SOH beats Dr. Wagner Jr tonight he can choose the stipulation. If SOH loses, Wagner can choose. Dario continues being a pretentious asshole. Fantastic.

We then go to Puma in the ring who cuts an emotional promo. He wants Mil in a grave consequences match. Catrina appears outtanowhere (ha!) and accepts. Muertes then attacks Puma from behind (in a suit!), Puma fends him off and teased a dive to the outside but landed in the superman pose instead.

So looking forward to that macht. Can’t say how much!

Son of Havoc w/ Mascarita Sagrada vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. w/ Famous B and Brenda

Famous B was hating on the fans and said he already has Wagner as famous client. The match started rather fast with SOH getting in lots of good spots from the beginning. This usually leads to SOH falling short in the end but this time he continued his momentum. Wagner came back in between but SOH overcame all those shots and won with a shooting star press. Brenda and Famous B were hilarious outside.

Winner: SOH, Rating: **1/2

SOH gets a Mic and then makes the stipulation in Mascerita Sagrada’s name: Believers Backlash with all weapons allowed.¬†Famous B will die next week.

We got another White Rabbit video package.

Loser Leaves Lucha: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero 

To be honest, i don’t really like either of those two. I got mad respect for Rey but it’s 2016 and his stuff isn’t that great anymore. Ever since coming to LU he improved though which is a positive surprise. Chavo….great character work but the rest…meh. The good thing is that they probably wrestled each other 2 billion times so they can make the work look pretty smooth. It was a nice back and forth in the beginning until Chavo showed the 3 Amigos move before Rey took over. He even showed a 619 but then Chavo Classic interfered with a steal chair and hit….his own son!

DQ Rey Mysterio, winner Chavo! Smart!

But not with El Jefe. There’s no DQ in his main event, he loves blood!Restart. Again back and forth, Chavo gets in the half crab after Rey hit his dad with a 619. Rey fought out, counter, 619 connects. That’s it!

Winner: Rey Mysterio, Rating: **1/2