Full Predictions for Ultima Lucha – Part II

Hola Believers! We’ve just witnessed the first hour of Ultima Lucha and are now close to heading into the final two hour event of this season. Time for some predictions!

Johnny Mundo vs. Alberto El Patron

This is going to be legen…wait for it….! Two legends in their own rights are going to collide in the ring. And outside the ring. The set up to this match was pretty sweet and saw Johnny Mundo turning heel on El Patron. They had quite some intense encounters before when they interfered in each others matches or were part of multi-man tag matches. Now it is going to be mano a mano and I expect El Patron to come out victorious. It will be a tough fight and having some technico like Johnny Mundo turning heel is kinda strange to see but if there’s one who can pull it off, it’s him. Johnny Mundo will be more aggressive and try to get some outside help but eventually El Patron will hit the Enzeguri and the Cross-Arm breaker to get take home the win and get revenge on Johnny Mundo for costing El Patron the shot at the title. The AAA Mega Champion will also be successful here and give the crowd a feel good moment.

Prediction: Albertooooooo Eeeellll Patttrrrrroooooooon.

Bengala vs. King Cuerno vs. Sexy Star vs. Big Ryck vs. Jack Evans vs. Fenix vs. Aerostar

That looks like a weird match. The Gifts of the Gods match that will see the winner take home a belt that will give him, or her, an opportunity for a championship match at any time of his or her choosing. While I’m not a big fan of the fat white tiger and Aerostar (how I’m not insulting him!) or Sexy Star the mix with the other competitors should even allow them to shine for a few moments. I’m particularly curious to see what Jack Evans is going to show us. King Cuerno’s intensity is always welcome in any match but eventually we will see Fenix rising from the ashes and take home the belt. It’s a typical good guy’s return story. I expect the bout to be tough (Big Ryck!) and fast (the rest!) with Fenix picking up the win and setting the stage for an eventual title shot in Season two against the then Lucha Underground Champion.

Prediction: Fenix!

Texano vs. Blue Demon Jr.

That match didn’t get much built. While I do like Texano’s intensity I’m not a huge fan of Mr. Mexico, Blue Demon Jr. The few times we saw Blue Demon it was ok, but not really entertaining. So I do hope this match will be better. I kind of expect Chavo Guerrero to get involved as well. Maybe even The Crew. This could lead to El Patron taking out Chavo and Texano getting the win over Blue Demon Jr.

Prediction: Texano. 

Vampiro vs. Pentagon Jr.

Man. Do we really need to see Vampiro in action again? Unbelievable. Their promos have been great! No doubt about that but the lack of mentioning it in the past episodes, even though Vampiro is on commentary, made it seem a bit odd. If Lucha Underground tries to somehow remain ‘realisitc’ there is now way in hell that Vampiro takes home the victory here. He’ll probably put on a good brawl in the beginning but will fall to Pentagon Jr who consequently will sacrifice Vampiro to his master.

Prediction: Pentagon Jr. 

Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes

The Champ in action. I love Prince Puma and it kind of annoys me. I don’t want to be ‘like everyone else’ but in this case you can’t deny that he wows you each and every time he’s in the ring. At the time of writing he might even be the best in-ring wrestler around. That includes NXT, ROH, NJPW and that Reality TV Show that runs Mondays.

This match, however, will be tough. Maybe even too tough. Prince Puma has to face the man of a thousand deaths and in his corner will be the mighty Catrina together with the new trios champions the Disciples of Death. Puma’s mentor, Konnan, had been taken out by Catrina and Muertes two weeks back so that it basically will be a one on five situation stacked against the champ. Puma will put on a great fight with lots of highlight spots but eventually Muertes will take home the belt (probably thx to Catrina) which will leave Puma with the chance to climb back to the top during the next season.

Prediction: Mil Muertes.


There will obviously a few surprises happen. It’s the season finale and we might see another debut of some superstar or something similar. And, hopefully, we will see how Black Lotus will come out of her cage wrack havoc on the temple!

What are your expectation for Ultima Lucha?