WWE SummerSlam Preview

Hola believers! With Lucha Underground being on break right now we got some time to look at those developmental wrestling promotions out there. With WWE staging what will become the longest SummerSlam in History I thought it would be interesting to go through the matches and see what we can expect. So here we go. Winner Takes All Match -WWE […]

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WWE Battleground Review

Yeah yeah. A WWE PPV review here on Lucha-Underground.com. Why? Because I can. And also because I’ve been sick of reading those bleacher report reviews. Since I’m obviously a big Lucha fan my take on the WWE product might be a little less biased than the view of hardcore WWE fans. Maybe not. Let’s see. Here we go, Lucha-Underground.com’s WWE […]

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Kane should retire

Here at Lucha-Underground.com we usually focus on all things Lucha but that doesn’t mean we’re not also checking other promotions once in a while (btw TNA, I┬ásee what you’re doing there!). When watching the latest episode of SmackDown (yes, I was bored) I couldn’t help but thinking that it is time for Kane to hang up the boots. It’s not […]

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