Lucha Underground Power Rankings

Lucha Underground Power Rankings – February 2016

It’s the end of February and we’ve seen 5 powerful episodes of Lucha Underground’s season 2. Time to adjust our Power Rankings! Honorable Mentions Lucha Underground Power Rankings Dario Cueto El Jefe still somehow stays relevant and every time we see him in a video package he becomes stranger, weirder, meaner and more dangerous. Can’t wait to see him trying […]

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Best Luchadores of Lucha Underground – Season 1[Final Power Rankings]

Lucha Underground found an amazing end of Season 1 with Ultima Lucha. I’m still a bit shake but what transpired in this last episode (“Luke Pentagon, I am your father master”). Let’s look back at this season and see who tops the final Power Ranking of Lucha Underground Season 1. Honarable Mentions – non in-ring characters Lucha Underground featured a few […]

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Lucha Underground 24/06/2015 [review]

Hola believers! Bienvenido al templo otra vez! After last weeks insane performance of Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo we’re back with 3 matches on the card. Alberto El Patron vs. Johnny Mundo will happen at Ultimo Lucha! August 5th! Vampiro interviews Super Fly That dude is boring. Super Fly tries to sell his aggression and mentions that it’s Vampiro’s fault that Sexy […]

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