Best Luchadores of Lucha Underground – Season 1[Final Power Rankings]

Lucha Underground found an amazing end of Season 1 with Ultima Lucha. I’m still a bit shake but what transpired in this last episode (“Luke Pentagon, I am your father master”). Let’s look back at this season and see who tops the final Power Ranking of Lucha Underground Season 1.

Honarable Mentions – non in-ring characters

Lucha Underground featured a few characters that haven’t been in the ring but still have been quite essential to the whole story. So let’s look at those who deserve a honorable mention in this relation first.

Dario Cueto

cueto lucha underground

El Jefe. No Jefe, no lucha! Easily the best authority figure in all of pro wrestling at the moment. He’s a slimly, mean, calculating asshole. Cuelo. He plays that role so well, it’s incredible. Every of his moves makes sense, he has people killed and doesn’t know mercy and therefore, and not because I’m scared of him, the boss deserves a spot on this list. Oh and nobody says ladder match like el jefe!



The most powerful woman in Lucha Underground. She manages the trios champions “The Principles of Death” as well as controls Mil Muertes, the current Lucha Underground champion. Besides that she’s hot as hell and her lick of death is by far the best ‘finishing move’ in pro wrestling to date.

catrina lucha underground

Black Lotus

Intriguing character. Even though her ‘heel turn’ and believing Cueto what El Drago Azteca did to her family seemed a bit rushed. Looking forward to seeing her in the ring though. Love the black outfit. Hope to see more of her and the story that develops around her next season.



We haven’t seen much of ‘the monster’ but he has been crucial to the story in some way. He killed for Cueto and needs to kept locked away. In the end Cueto and Black Lotus leave together with him. Let’s see if we will ever see more of the killer that is Matanza.

Top 5 Lucha Underground Luchadores of Season 1

Now let’s check out the top 5 luchadores of this past season of Lucha Underground.

5. King Cuerno

King Cuerno surprised me from the get go. I don’t really dig his outfit with this huge animal head but I can accept it as part of ‘cultural reference’ or whatever. His style though is pretty cool. He combines a lot of different approaches quite well. Power and strength go along with dynamic and high flying abilities. I was very close to have Cage here in this spot but the fact that King Cuerno has been with Lucha Underground more or less from the beginning gives him the advantage here. He wasn’t highlighted that much in later episodes anymore but I still think he impacted the whole Lucha Underground movement quite a bit and hope to see him back rather sooner than later.


4. Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, Angelico

Those three! I thought they are all quite talented but simply couldn’t make it work and then they take what seems like a randomly thrown together team and elevate (literally) it to new heights. Incredible. When they won the title I actually applauded. They make good use of their, admittedly, ‘funny’ gimmick. The athletic abilities of all of them are insane anyways. Ivelisse shows some sick moves even when she’s in the ring with dudes and Angelico and Son Of Havoc are just out of this world. Angelico had been luchador of the month before here on thanks to his crazy and death defying moves. This team will hopefully last for much longer and get another shot at the titles in Season 2!

son of havoc

3. Fenix

When I heard his name first I instantly broke into song (rise of the feeeeeeenixxxx!) but his action in the ring actually made me pay more attention to what he did and forget about Tenacious D (sorry guys) for a bit. I’m not a big fan of wrestlers who carry around a belly (yeah call me Vinnie Mac) but he does a good job (and obviously he’s not fat or anything!) in moving around fast and pulling of some pretty cool moves!

His match against Mil Muertes was an instant classic and is still one of the most talked about matches and a sure candidate for MOTY.

fenix vs. chavo guerrero lucha underground

2. Johnny Mundo

johnnymundo lucha underground

johnny mundo lucha underground

If someone can turn heel as smoothly and convincing as Johnny Mundo he deserves respect. I really liked him in WWE already but what he shows here so much better. It’s amazing. His ‘hollywood’ gimmick is not that cool but his in-ring skills are awesome. He adjusts his performance perfectly to how his character is supposed to feel and connects with a lot of other luchadores incredibly well. The initial match between him and Prince Puma is still one of my all-time favorites and also an instant classic.

1. Prince Puma

What should I say. This guy is the creme de la creme. He portrays his character without actually speaking and still it works quite well. He delivers emotion through his mask and it works and when talking about in-ring skills he has yet to be matched. High flying, grabbling, wrestling, kicks, he’s got it all. Seeing Prince Puma for the first time on Lucha Underground made me a fan from the get go and, no kidding, restored my faith in good wrestlers. Luchadores! Thank you, Puma!

Almost not necessary to mention but almost all his matches have been classics and are always worth re-watching.

PrincePuma lucha underground

PrincePuma lucha underground

Who’s your best of the best?